todd merrell ex uno plures


Nov 15 Cement Hole, Boston, MA with Id M Theft Able, Drain Leech, Underwear/Nick G, Ross Menze, Michael Mahoney and Jean Paul Beauchemin, and New Age Loon
Feb 23 One Night Stand, The Dirt Salon, Hartford, CT with Party Horse, Milksop:Unsung, Breakthrough Frequencies, Anne Cubberly, Ann Hodgdon Cyr, Shannon Gagne, Raymond Majerski, David Barowski, Rob Silcox, and others
Jun 21 Lilly's Pad @ Toad's Place, New Haven, CT with Emjay, Cloud Zenna, Reanimators, Joey Batts & Them, Jon Christoff, John Spignesi, and John Scott
May 30 Blend @ Club Symmetry, Hartford, CT with Midas, Carpe DM, and SP1
May 5 Hartford New Music Festival 2012, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT with Alvin Lucier, Kit Demos, Gene Baker, Marc Burns, Christopher Cerrone, Bill Solomon, Lief Ellis, Anne Rhodes, David Macbride, Robert Carl, and others
Oct 22 NOW! Concerts, Millerton, NY with Christopher Cerrone, Adrian Knight, Matt Sargent, Clive Davis, iand Don Sosin
Oct 18 Theoretical: Transmission Arts, Artists and Airwaves, book launch concert, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY with Joel Chadabe, Kabir Carter, Terry Nauheim, and Lázaro Valiente
Apr 21 Capital Community College, Music @ Capital, Hartford, CT with Hartford Sound Alliance, Ben Klein, and Chris Ladd
Feb 5 ArtSpace, Hartford, CT with Stephen Haynes and Matt Sargent
Oct 9 Thanatopolis Exhibition, I-Park Foundation, East Haddam, CT with Jack D.W. Ballard Jr., Rohan De Livera, Jennifer Higdon, Monica Houghton, Sumiko Sato, Elise Morris, Tricia Minty, and Nuno Rebelo
Aug 29 Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY with Bunny Brains, P. G. Six, Zaimph (feat. Marcia Bassett from Double Leopards), Diane Cluck, The Hat City Intuitive, and Nonhorse (G Lucas Crane of Woods)
Jul 23 Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT with Hartford Sound Alliance, The Sophisticates, and Jacob Zimmerman Quartet
May 1 Millerton Arts Walk, Millerton, NY with David Valyou
Apr 25 ArtSpace, Hartford, CT with Hartford Sound Alliance and El MuCo (Christopher Cerrone, Adrian Knight, Juraj Kojs, Anne La Berge, and others)
Feb 11 Open Frequencies on Radio Of The Endless, WWUH, West Hartford, CT with Matt Sargent and Daryl Seaver
Feb 6 Open Frequencies at La Paloma Sabanera, Hartford, CT with Matt Sargent and Daryl Seaver
Dec 18 December at ArtSpace, Hartford, CT with Matt Sargent and Nolan Stolz
Dec 3 Outpost 186, Cambridge, MA with Hartford Sound Alliance and Abram Taber
Nov 20 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA with Jack Wright Group and Marc Bisson with Mike Funaiole
Sep 25 Whitehaus Family Record, Jamaica Plain, MA with Hartford Sound Alliance, Electrocaster, Duck That, and Amalgam Trio
May 21 Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY with Marie Evelyn, Ann Adachi and Nick Lesley
Feb 12 Javapalooza, Middletown, CT with Mike Mahoney and Jean Paul as Parakeets, and others
Feb 2 Bar Matchless, Brooklyn, NY with Lou Rossi, Casey Block, Ducktails and Rust Worship
Aug 28 H*E*R @ The Stone, with Yvette Perez, Peter Zummo, Stephen Haynes, and Danny Tunick
Aug 7 Radio Action III Performance & CD Release @ The New Museum, with Joshua Fried, Latitude/Longit ude, Tom Roe, Michelle Rosenberg, & others
Jul 5 H*E*R @ Montague Book Mill with Yvette Perez, Peter Zummo, and Stephen Haynes
Jun 26 HYP(E)levation @ Hartford City Hall w/ The Artists Collective, The Sweetest Key, & others
May 23 Camp Judson, w/ Cowards, Stillbirth, Reviver, Medicine Lake, & Waterdogs
Feb 23 UNSOUND @ Pussycat Lounge, w/ Choking Sun, Abandoner, Death By a Thousand Cuts, & Vvltvre
Feb 22 Lutheran Church of the Messiah, with Duane Pitre, and Naum
Dec 2 COMA @ ABC No Rio, w/ Lou Rossi
Nov 2 Camp Judson, w/ Pillars Of Heaven, Reviver & Mouth To Mouth collab, Medicine Lake, & Heat Conference
Oct 13 Radio Festival 2007 at Free 103.9's Wave Farm with Joshua Fried, Michelle Nagai, Tianna Kennedy, and others
Aug 19 Radio 4X4 at The Guggenheim Museum, as part of Rirkrit Tiravanija's installation, Untitled 2002 (he promised) in The Shapes of Space exhibition, with Tianna Kennedy, Michelle Nagai, ben owen, and Tom Roe
July 7 Tune (Out)))side 2007 at Free 103.9's Wave Farm with Chris Forsyth, Andy Graydon, Richard Garet, and others
Feb 4 Frequencies at Black & White Gallery, Williamsburg with The Dust Dive, 31 Down, Anna Friz, Tom Roe, Joshua Fried, and Ben Owen + Gil Arno
Feb 3 Unsound at Pussycat Lounge with Aidan Baker, Casey Block, Lou Rossi, NTT, the beta cloud, and () (clipped)
Jan 2 Cake Shop with Richard Francis, Casey Block, Slasher Risk, and others
Nov 16 Real Art Ways with Troum and Aidan Baker
Oct 28 P.A.'s Lounge with Bunny Brains
Oct 27 Wesleyan University with Bunny Brains
Oct 17 Warper with Lou Rossi, Joshua Fried, Moldover, & others
Aug 5 Free 103.9's Radio Festival with NYSAE, Michelle Rosenberg, Jeff Feddersen, Lycaon Pictus, and others
Jul 18 Issue Project Room with Francisco Lopez and Stephan Moore
May 23 On The Way Out at Freddy's Back Room, Brooklyn, NY with Casey Block and Lou Rossi, and the Matt Lavelle Quintet
May 12 119 Gallery, Lowell, MA with Patrick Jordan and Craig Colorusso
Feb 12 ABC No Rio[COMA], New York, NY with Lou Rossi and others
Feb 11 Open Loop, New York, NY with Lou Rossi and others
Jan 2 Cake Shop, New York, NY with Casey Block and others
Nov 30 Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA with Patrick Jordan, and Peter Slavov Quartet
Nov 20 Retro Relay at Issue Project Room, New York, NY with Ikue Mori, Joan LaBarbara, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Dick, and others
Jul 17 The Tank, New York, NY with Pilotram & Ensemble
Jul 10 Knitting Factory, New York, NY with Richard Sims and The Sleeplab Ghost, Hero Pattern, Low Flying Jets, and Cloud Cult
Jul 4 Wavefarm [free103point9] Tune(Out)))side, Acra, NY with 50 others
May 18 The Webster Underground, Hartford, CT with Patrick Jordan, Mommy & Daddy, & others
May 1 ABC No Rio [COMA], New York, NY with Pilotram & others
Nov 14 OpenAir [Share], New York, NY with Aidan Baker
Nov 13 Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT with Patrick Jordan & Aidan Baker
Nov 12 Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY with Aidan Baker and Pilotram
Jul 31 Jim Cole's AG7, Glastonbury, CT
Mar 30 Sully's, Hartford, CT
Mar 29 Pioneer Arts Center, Easthampton, MA